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HPE Networking Instant On enables digitalization at Bunse-Aufzüge GmbH

Bunse-Aufzüge GmbH relies on Instant On to provide a high-performance network for production and administration without requiring a large in-house IT team. Since switching to Instant On, digitalization is now at the top of the agenda.

Building bridges, breaking walls: Orleans Properties connects with HPE Networking Instant On

Discover how Orleans Properties conquered delivering next-generation internet connectivity amidst century-old brick structures with Instant On.

From classroom to cloud: Carandá Educação’s journey to digital excellence

Carandá Educação, a visionary K-12 institution renowned for its forward-thinking approach, merged its five separate locations into a centralized IT network infrastructure in the cloud with Instant On, enabling immersive hybrid learning and ushering a new era of optimized connectivity throughout the entire school in the vibrant city of São Paulo.

NHJS achieves straight A’s with HPE Networking Instant On: reliable Wi-Fi coverage leads to improved learning

In a world where technology is advancing at lightning speed, educational institutions are under immense pressure to prepare students for the future. National High Jakarta School (NHJS) is leading the way by enrolling Instant On to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout its 6,830m2 property, serving approximately 500 students and 150 staff.

Wi-Fi woes no more—HPE Networking Instant On comes to the rescue for Occidental Papagayo Hotel

When Occidental Papagayo Hotel in Costa Rica faced connectivity issues, the hotel turned to Instant On, resulting in improved guest experiences and greater peace of mind for hotel management.

HPE Networking Instant On takes Beaconhouse Schools to the head of the class in Wi-Fi experience

Beaconhouse School System, one of the largest private school networks in the world, brings rigorous learning to students in eight countries, including four schools in the United Arab Emirates. To achieve its lofty vision of reinventing the educational approach for the needs of the future, Beaconhouse School had to focus on the A-B-Cs: Achieve Better Connectivity. The UAE schools replaced their aging classroom Wi-Fi with Instant On and opened the door to modern, digital learning.

Making a splash with visitors: Thermas Water Park provides enhanced guest services with HPE Networking Instant On

Nestled amidst the enchanting tourist resort of São Pedro, 180 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo, Thermas Water Park embarked on a journey to redefine visitor satisfaction with Instant On.

How Carlo's Coffee Cafe serves up a cup of connectivity with HPE Networking Instant On

Nestled northwest of London, UK, among iconic roundabouts and cycling paths bordered by free-flowing lakes and rivers, sits Carlos Coffee Café, a neighborhood coffee shop serving coffee, cakes, and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity powered by Instant On.

EverIT trades ever smoothly with HPE Networking Instant On

Today it’s almost impossible to imagine a part of our lives that Wi-Fi doesn’t touch—the need for connectivity extends even to the corners of our homes. Everyday devices are becoming smarter, the number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices is growing steadily, and we’re more reliant than ever on our Wi-Fi network to get the job done, literally, from home.

Home Networks Solutions’ hassle-free Wi-Fi installation with HPE Networking Instant On

No one knows network installation better than network services companies. So it’s safe to say that when Home Network Solutions Berkshire, an installation and maintenance company, said they found the Instant On product to be simple and “incredibly reliable,” they might be onto something.

Wi-Fi cycles smoothly at Radl-Stadl with HPE Networking Instant On

Bikes and Wi-Fi networks have a lot more in common than you think—both require speed, security, and ease of use. And at the Radl-Stadl Cube Store, one of the largest bicycle stores in Germany, bikes and Wi-Fi networks share the power of Instant On.