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Manage your network anytime, from anywhere, on your phone or on the web with no additional licensing or subscription fees required.

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Managing your network has never been easier

With Instant On cloud management, you can effortlessly monitor the activity of devices connected to your network.

You can:

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Manage up to 50 access points and switches

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Prioritize systems like voice and video

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Set bandwidth limits

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Create up to eight SSIDs

Management features

More features and control.
Manage your site from anywhere, at any time.

  • Cloud-managed stacking

    Easily auto-discover and onboard an entire switch stack with streamlined workflows within Instant On Cloud-based management modes.

  • Simplified Smart Mesh setup

    Add additional access points and extend your network with our straightforward Smart Mesh setup.

  • Guided device setup

    Easily add access points and switches to your network with the integrated installation wizard in the Instant On app.

  • Hassle-free deployment

    Make Instant On the primary Wi-Fi for your network. Just connect your access point to your provider's gateway, and you’re all set. No need for additional hardware.

  • App classification control and visibility

    Gain a simplified view of the top five web apps used on the network, plus the ability to block specific application categories.

  • Multi-network management

    Create and manage separate guest and employee networks with ease.

  • Bandwidth limits

    Stop bandwidth hogs and improve your wireless network performance instantly.

  • Wired and wireless access control list

    Restrict user access to specific websites and restrict devices from joining the network even if they have the password.

app screen with instructions on how to add a device to a stack
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How Instant On devices connect to the network behind a gateway or firewall before reaching the internet
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app screen with bandwidth restriction utility
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