HPE Networking Instant On for Retail

Wi-Fi that doesn't check out

Pain-free check out, lag-free response times, well-connected shoppers and employees—all made possible by a high-speed Wi-Fi network across your store

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a woman smiling in a retail shop

Generate foot traffic with Wi-Fi that doesn’t quit

Today’s consumers are in a hurry. Shoppers want to grab and go products without stepping inside the store. And those who do enter the store require a more personal touch, from responsive services to special discounts.

Without dedicated tech on staff, small retailers may struggle to create, scale and secure the experiences customers expect. With Instant On, budding retailers can address evolving purchase behaviors with access points and switches that are easy to deploy and manage—to keep those feet in your store.


A reimagined retail network

Scale “in” store shopping

Outdoor pick-up stations and seasonal pop-up shops can provide valuable routes to revenue for small businesses. However, unstable outdoor Wi-Fi may result in less-than-ideal digital checkouts and communication lags for employees and shoppers alike.

Instant On access points can extend Wi-Fi coverage anywhere and are built to weather storms, snow and hot summer days. If you’re adding CCTVs or digital signage, you can connect them to an Instant On switch for lag-free security streaming and high-performance connectivity for media servers.

Customize touch for shoppers

Customers want to be online all the time, and when they step into a store, they expect that connectivity to continue. Whether they are checking prices or product reviews, Wi-Fi connected shoppers provide an opportunity for retailers to spotlight special deals and engage with customers.

With Instant On you can create a captive portal to provide open or password-protected access to your store’s Wi-Fi. You can customize the portal with your logo, brand colors, and with offers you want to feature.

And because access points also support individual team members’ tablets, Bluetooth headsets, and scanners, inventory checks and payments are streamlined and fast.

Uncompromising store security

From credit cards to pin codes, small stores handle a massive amount of sensitive data at the point of sale. Tack on the comings and goings of employees and shoppers and you've created the perfect storm of network vulnerability.

With Instant On access points and switches, you can segment Wi-Fi access, set up OWE authentication, and block application categories or unauthorized devices that could compromise your network. And the free network management app provides a detailed glimpse of the users on you store's network as a further security precaution.

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Optimize customer experience with top-tier Wi-Fi


Access points and switches tailored to the demands of hospitality

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP21

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP21

  • Maximize your small space connectivity with exceptional performance. Ideal for a home office, small meeting rooms, or studio retail space with low-traffic areas still needing reliable connectivity.
HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP12

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP12

  • The Instant On AP12 provides robust performance across indoor retail spaces and supports up to 75 devices simultaneously.
HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP27

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP27

  • Extend your network outdoors with this rugged, all-weather IP67-rated outdoor access point. Great for a patio, poolside, or curbside allowing customers and employees to be connected beyond your doors.
HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP17

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP17

  • Instant On AP17 Outdoor access points extend support for up to 50 devices so you can meet your customers where they are.
HPE Networking Instant On Switch Series 1930

HPE Networking Instant On Switch Series 1930

  • Instant On 1930 switches are a series of smart-managed, fixed-configuration switches that are an affordable wired network option for smaller stores.


Wi-Fi cycles smoothly at Radl Stadl with HPE Networking Instant On

Bikes and Wi-Fi networks have a lot more in common than you think—both require speed, security, and ease of use. And at the Radl-Stadl Cube Store, one of the largest bicycle stores in Germany, bikes and Wi-Fi networks share the power of Instant On.

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