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Bring your A-game to online gaming

For those who enjoy casual PC gaming, competitive multiplayer matches, or streaming AR/VR games, having reliable Wi-Fi is essential. Whether you're playing on wireless consoles or bandwidth-draining mobile games, esports players need fast, lag-free connections. HPE Networking Instant On provides high-quality wired and wireless solutions for professional and casual gamers.


Experience gaming like never before

Turbo-charge gaming gadgets

  • Jump into sessions with fellow players worldwide without having to choose between a wired or wireless connection
  • For flexible gaming across living spaces, opt for Instant On Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ access points for superior wireless coverage
  • For lag-free performance on multi-screen desktops and wired consoles, connect to advanced, smart-managed Instant On 1930 or Instant On 1960 switches

Next-gen AR/VR playgrounds

  • Indoor smart playgrounds, fueled by AR/VR innovations, have become the go-to destination for both casual and professional gamers
  • To create immersive VR experiences, you need high-quality equipment like HD headsets or projectors with lag-free streaming. Instant On Wi-Fi 6 and Instant On 1960 switches with 2.5 gigabit Ethernet uplinks enhance throughput, speeding up data processing for enhanced player interactions

Reduce energy costs

  • Gaming requires significant energy expenditure
  • Instant On access points utilize Target Wake Time (TWT) to schedule client communication, reducing power consumption and extending battery life
  • Instant On switches come with always-on Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) and other energy-saving features that reduce operational costs whether gaming at home or in a professional setting

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Time your next move to the speed of innovation


Access points and switches tailored for high speed and uninterrupted gaming

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP25

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP25

  • Instant On AP25 is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ and delivers faster wireless speeds, greater capacity, and reduced latency for a superior Wi-Fi experience. The Wi-Fi 6 certification guarantees interoperability with other certified devices.
HPE Networking Instant On Switch Series 1960

HPE Networking Instant On Switch Series 1960

  • For a faster, more stable gaming experience, connect your gaming equipment to Instant On 1960 switches. These stackable switches provide seamless connectivity to access points and gaming consoles to deliver fast, lag-free, high-def video streaming for uninterrupted gaming.


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