HPE Networking Instant On for Education

A+ classroom connectivity

As technology continues to transform education, the role of the Wi-Fi network has become even more critical. Instant On APs and switches boost bandwidth and high-speed connectivity to campus portals and online coursework.

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The next frontier of learning

Education is going digital—and with the increased use of data-hungry applications, video and gamification technologies, the role of the network becomes even more critical.

To deliver an optimal learning experience, whether in the classroom or remotely, connectivity is key—and that connection needs to be fast, secure, and affordable. Instant On provides high-performance Wi-Fi coverage both indoors and outdoors to keep students and teachers connected, with little to no technical expertise required.


Score top of class for connectivity

Enhance interactive learning

From smart touch whiteboards to immersive apps on tablets, today’s educational experiences rely heavily on bandwidth-hungry devices for multimedia content.

Those devices require Wi-Fi that's not only fast but that also provides foolproof coverage. Instant On APs have Smart Mesh, eliminating dead zones and dropped connections. And because multiple smart clients are supported simultaneously, regardless of device or traffic type, you get improved efficiency and reduced latency.

Instant On smart-managed switches can be used to connect interactive whiteboards and smart TVs as well as APs to create a centralized and high-performance network.

Scale hybrid learning

When students study online at home, Wi-Fi connectivity may slow down for others using the network.

Because Instant On allows you to create separate networks and to monitor and address bandwidth hogs, network performance improves for all users.

Secure the digital school grounds

Learning centers are often the victims of security breaches and targets for ransomware attacks due to a lack of dedicated IT.

The Instant On portfolio comes with built-in security features that protect your network from unauthorized access. Authentication, VLANs, Network Access Control (ACL), and Port Security allow you to segment traffic and define and/or restrict access to each area of the network. And the mobile app provides a single-pane of glass view of all the applications running on your network.

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Empower educators and students


Access points and switches tailored to the demands of education

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP25

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP25

  • Delivering superior performance, coverage and speed, the Instant On AP25 is the perfect access point for tech start-ups, gaming, boutique hotels, and professional offices.
HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP27

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP27

  • Extend your network outdoors with this rugged, all-weather IP67-rated outdoor access point. Great for a patio, pool-side, or curb-side allowing customers and employees to be connected beyond your doors.
HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP22

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP22

  • Perfect for smart homes with expanding mobile, cloud and IoT requirements, the Instant On AP22 delivers blazing-fast performance for up to 75 devices.
HPE Networking Instant On Switch Series 1960

HPE Networking Instant On Switch Series 1960

  • Instant On 1960 switches are a series of smart-managed, fixed-configuration switches that are an affordable wired network option for learning centers with demanding multimedia needs.


NHJS achieves straight A’s with HPE Networking Instant On

In a world where technology is advancing at lightning speed, educational institutions are under immense pressure to prepare students for the future. National High Jakarta School(NHJS) is leading the way by enrolling Instant On to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout its 6,830m2 property, serving approximately 500 students and 150 staff.

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